About Us


The Sound

Josh Rosenblum Band is a Southern, CA based pop/rock band whose sound touches on the sensibilities of funk, R&B, and jazz. Their modern, high energy vibe is affectionately cradled by their old-soul like musicianship, vocals and writing style, fusing the generational gaps in today's music world into a streamlined array of infectious grooves and relatable lyrics.  Josh writes all of the words and music for the project, while Cedric and Andrew contribute their artistic visions for the drum and bass parts.

The band believes in allowing every performance to be as musically spontaneous as possible, but most importantly, we're just a bunch of musicians that love to groove!


Josh Rosenblum - Lead Vocals/Guitar

 Josh Rosenblum was born December 17th, 1990 in Modesto, CA. He grew up in a musically saturated, jazz-oriented family with his grandfather, father, and 3 siblings all playing professional trumpet, as well as other instruments.  He began taking an interest in the trumpet at age 4,  and later started taking classes through Modesto City Schools’ music program in the 5th grade. In 8th grade, Josh received a music scholarship for a jazz camp in Lafayette, CA where he would realize his undying passion for music. He was taught several elements of music theory and given the chance to practice his improvising with combos that had sprung up within the camp. Josh attended Thomas Downey High School and participated on trumpet in every ensemble available. For Josh’s 15th  birthday, he received an acoustic guitar and immediately began teaching himself to play. Josh started writing music during the Spring of 2007, and began uploading crude recordings to a Myspace music page. In Summer 2008, he started booking his own shows and trying to create his own musical brand as an artist. Many years, shows, album releases later, Josh continues to train himself and test his abilities as a songwriter and musician, always attempting to expand his self-taught knowledge of music theory and taking the time to apply it and experiment with it in various live settings. 


Cedric Jones - Drums/Backing Vocals

 Cedric Jones was born in Modesto, California, on October 14th, 1991. He picked up his first instrument, the Alto Sax, in the 5th grade, and hasn’t stopped playing since. During his sophomore year in high school, Cedric discovered his new love in the instrumental world of music: all things percussion. His entrance into the realm of percussion was through marching the snare drum for his high school marching band. After a year of playing marching snare, Cedric shifted his attention to learning how to play the drum set. After just a few short months of practice, he was asked by fellow class mate, Josh Rosenblum, to fill in for their drummer at the school talent show. Jumping on this chance, Cedric eagerly said yes, and thus marked the beginning of Cedric’s many experiences with the Josh Rosenblum Band. Since 2008, Cedric has been playing with the Josh Rosenblum Band as their drum set player and backing vocalist, and has loved every second of it. 


Andrew Melendez - Bass/Backing Vocals

 Andrew Melendez was born October 1st of 1992 in Fremont, CA.  He grew up in Modesto, CA and was influenced by his older brother to learn how to play and instrument in elementary school. He began his musical interests by learning how to play the alto saxophone in the 5th grade and by the next year was playing in the Stanislaus County Honor band on tenor saxophone, In middle school, Andrew played saxophone for Hanshaw Middle School’s Concert Band and the Stanislaus County Honor Band for middle school students. During middle school, Andrew began to expand his musical curiosity by learning how to play bass guitar, acoustic guitar, tuba, and various percussion instruments. In high school, Andrew continued to improve on the saxophone and bass guitar. He played in various ensembles during his time at Thomas Downey High School including the school’s jazz band, concert band, marching band, winter percussion, and the Stanislaus County Honor Band for high school students. During his freshman year, he was asked to play bass with Josh Rosenblum and has been the bassist for Josh Rosenblum Band ever since. After graduating from high school, the bass guitar became his primary instrument. He has played it with various other music groups, but Josh Rosenblum Band has always been his musical home for expanding his talents and experimenting with different sounds. 


JRB Extended Family

One of the most beautiful facts about our band is that on any given night, we could be joined by any one of our amazingly talented musician friends.

Shoutout to the JRB Extended Family! 



-Came in 1st place out of 50 competing bands in the “Next Big Thing Tour” musical talent competition held in San Francisco, CA in December of 2011 for songwriting, stage presence, and musicianship.

-Nominated for “Best Pop/Rock” in the Modesto Area Music Association Awards (The MAMA's) in October of 2011.

-Nominated as finalists in the “Valley’s Got Talent” (Now "Valley Talent Project") all-talent competition held in Modesto, CA in August of 2011 and in August of 2012.

-First band to win “Best Band” award at the “Valley’s Got Talent” (Now "Valley Talent Project") all-talent competition held in Modesto, CA in August 2013.

​-Won “Best Pop/Rock” band in the Modesto Area Music Awards (The MAMA's) in 2012, 2015, and 2018.

​-Has opened for many artists, including Leo P., Daughtry, Daya, Greg Kihn Band, Weird Al Yankovic, Paul Reiser, and many others.

-Has 6 independent album releases available online.